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Thursday, November 14, 2019   

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Creditor Information

Paragon Finacial Services (Paragon) provides agencies with a means to handle the disbursement of funds and back office support that is so vital for clients on a DMP.  As agencies work with Paragon, creditors will also benefit from this unique relationship.

Creditors can be assured that their customers are receiving support from an experienced and reliable credit counseling agency. Paragon is a division of Money Management International, Inc.

When agencies choose to work with Paragon, their creditors partners benefit too by:
  • Consistently receiving high-quality information
  • Full disclosure proposals
  • Larger, daily disbursements (all agencies disburse together)
  • Centralized creditor relations group


I wanted you (with copy of this going to (Paragon Staff)) to know that it is a JOY to encourage clients to use a Debt Management Plan. Denver is so responsive to clients’ needs I could not ask for more. I just finished meeting with another couple, new clients that will greatly benefit from a Debt Management Plan. And I know they are in good hands with us and with Denver." - North Carolina counselor

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